Notes from Margiela

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A few special things I've been collecting for the past several months- photos and 
transcripts from the Margiela archives. 

text no.3 Patrick Scallon, Paris December 14, 2016:
"Often what I say about that period is that it was a period where the provokers could provoke the people who wanted to be provoked. There was a relationship, and people enjoyed the game of provocation. For example, Jenny's best invitation was a card with a telephone number. So you got a white card with a telephone number, you phone that number, there was an answering machine, you took the address down, and you showed up to the show." 

Each package from Mint Film Office in the Netherlands is tiny glimpse into the 
history of a notoriously radical, enigmatic couture house- anecdotes, photos of the
knitwear factoryconversation pieces from early Margiela. 
The curiosity grows... 


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