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Friday, June 23, 2017

Of course, the writing that struck me most was from the book I didn't buy.

Tokyo Day 2: Already finding myself a nook in the middle of Comme des Garçonsreading excerpts from the Met's Art of the In-Between, collecting notes dotted with question marks I'd come back to again & again over the following weeks. I left home wanting to understand the idea of home better. Tokyo, where a scatter of childhood memories rooted in the delicate radius of a singular neighborhood, now years later, becomes a less tangible city, with new memories sprawling outwards. This city still feels like a piece of home, even though far less than half a life was spent here. The people make it this way. In the homes we create ourselves, over and over as we grow up, in someone else. Home is multiple places now, home is someone. Rei's words- on marriage, (the freedom to) stand out, blend in, how we say goodbyes in small & large ways, and continue saying these goodbyes after death. On the importance of becoming a child again to create, suffering to create, posterity, opulence. I visited multiple shrines, temples, cemeteries in Tokyo, then later in Kyoto, sacred places for people I knew, and knew nothing of. There's a stillness in these places that is really peaceful, brimming with energies of their own, an otherworldly feeling. 

images from Rei Kawakubo's Art of the In-Between and AnOther mag

"I called it the Ceremony of Separation. It's about how the beauty and power of ceremony can alleviate the pain of separating, for the one departing as well as for the one saying goodbye." 

"I want to be forgotten" 


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