Moonlight Garden, NYC

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New York City, 11. 2016

i. everything is amplified in this city.
A rush of freedom and fascination, followed by inhibition, 
an electricity charged by contradiction and though these white flowers
in a pool of black velvet could be flowers in any garden of any city, 
only they share the piercing thirst of a lost quixotic 
in the epicenter of a concrete circumference where
loneliness too, is unimaginably alive. 

Petals, a fragile handful falling between cracks, unnoticed 
by a ceaseless city and in my own heightened awareness
come alive at night, white beacons of enigma in a moonlight garden. 

ii. "An effigy of a youth that is eternal" 
-Marcel Proust on collecting photos of muse Countess Greffulhe, for A la recherch√© de temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time), as seen in "Proust's Muse" at F.I.T

iii. "untitled" -the cure 


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