Saturday, March 12, 2016

cream-hued details at anaise

It's pouring rain today, high winds rattling the widows
and the sound of soft drops falling into the gutter,
it's the perfect day to write about a recent little visit I made to Anaise,
a light, airy boutique that feels like spring.

Renee is the woman with the exquisite eye behind Anaise. Her blog is entering a dream world of 50's and 60's film references, beautiful vintage fashion campaigns, striking photography features- all enveloped with a soft, hazy tint. And, she was an early supporter of Book/ Shop- here's a lovely reading-list she made.

Light passes through her space so beautifully. So too, does time. Film camera in hand, several hours of a sunny afternoon quickly passed in-between tea & conversation, as she prepped to leave the next day for NYFW and I attempted to capture the store's visual poetry. 

in the mix: 
les chronicles purple- just full of good design, film feature, poetry, 35 mm goodness on every page
this issue of travel almanac has a beautiful, intimate interview with charlotte gainsbourg, it's the one I own as well.

Another one to check out:
cosmic wonder free press


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