Stella et Jaquemus

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stella Tennant by Mark Borthwick, Muse SS 2016

Such a fun-spirited collection of images. Stella's Chanel 1998 print campaign is one of my very favorites, and it's amazing to see her bring the same life to Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, and Jaquemus. Really the perfect collaborators! 

This next week should be a good one:
3/24 Leonardo Drew, Eleven Etchings at Crown Point Press 
4/1 CCA MFA Work at Minnesota Street Project 
+ One last roll of Kodak Portra I can't wait to use for a few little photo-projects lined up! 

And with a new badge from MoMA (!) heading soon to Legion of Honor to see Pierre Bonnard's "Painting Arcadia" & the De Young for an Oscar De La Renta retrospect, to be visited & revisited before they close in May. 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

cream-hued details at anaise

It's pouring rain today, high winds rattling the widows
and the sound of soft drops falling into the gutter,
it's the perfect day to write about a recent little visit I made to Anaise,
a light, airy boutique that feels like spring.

Renee is the woman with the exquisite eye behind Anaise. Her blog is entering a dream world of 50's and 60's film references, beautiful vintage fashion campaigns, striking photography features- all enveloped with a soft, hazy tint. And, she was an early supporter of Book/ Shop- here's a lovely reading-list she made.

Light passes through her space so beautifully. So too, does time. Film camera in hand, several hours of a sunny afternoon quickly passed in-between tea & conversation, as she prepped to leave the next day for NYFW and I attempted to capture the store's visual poetry. 

in the mix: 
les chronicles purple- just full of good design, film feature, poetry, 35 mm goodness on every page
this issue of travel almanac has a beautiful, intimate interview with charlotte gainsbourg, it's the one I own as well.

Another one to check out:
cosmic wonder free press

Another SS 2016 by Mark Peckmezian

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lineisy Montero By Mark Peckmezian for Another SS 2016... 

is just about my favorite thing I've seen lately.
It punctures my gut, makes me want to stretch every struggling sinew within to create something that gives more. That fashion photography can be this softly mesmerizing, subtle yet raw and seductive, breathes willpower in me to just keep going, creating, failing, playing, endlessly experimenting.


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