Velveteen dancing

Sunday, January 17, 2016

hits of sunshine 
(for allen ginsberg) 

today i - said goodbye - to my conflicted goddess - her lush eyes show surprise - at how we could gather knowledge - the painting has a dream - where shadow breaks the scene - and the colors run off - blue is bashful - green is my goal - yellow girls are running backwards - until the nextime- with six hits of sun-shine - the lights will blind us - with blues in haiku - the shadow has a dream - where paint-ers look to sea - the colors burn out - now i know where - i once saw you - stepping into muddy water - john's reflection - de-cried perfection - now you walk him - through the garden - wait-ing in the wings - painters shade their dreams - with falling colors - see me wave good - bye for-ever - happiness the - goddess lover - hurry back - re-member last time - the hits of sunshine - the hits of goldmine - i'll see you back tonite - where painters love the light - and yellow shadow girls - 

today i - say goodbye - to my complicious goddess - her hushed eyes - show surprise - at how we captured knowledge - i'll see you back tonite - where shadows dream of light - + slip on outside 


this week: 
rainy, rainy, rainy
i love it. 

Found sun-streaked energy & rebellious youth in alabama wildman by thurston moore (sonic x smith is the best bit in the book) and in the Turkish film, "Mustang" by director Deniz Gamze Erg├╝ven, soft sunlight on long summer hair and young skin, cruel, hopeful, lovely. After, we walked out into the dark night, pouring rain reality. 


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