Jules et Jim

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post French final, 
which was essentially a forty-minute frenzy in attempt to finish the exam early, splashing through wavy city lights reflected in dirty rain puddles on the street, caught the Nutcracker downtown... later, mom's vintage cartier, dad's vintage lennons, YSL in le orange, and finally a chance to read the Modern Film script of Jules et Jim from Book/ shop.  

Rapid dissolve to the three friends going down a flight of steps leading to a footbridge across the railway lines. 

Voice off:  Catherine was very pleased with the success of her disguise. Jules and Jim were moved, as if by a symbol which they did not understand. 
         Catherine sits down at the bottom of the flight of steps and looks at the sky. Jim looks at her and then looks up with her. 

Jim:  Ou bien je rêve, ou alors il pleut. Either I'm dreaming, or it's starting to rain. 

Catherine and Jules: C’ est peut-être les deux. Perhaps it's both. 

Catherine: If it's raining, then let's go off to the seaside. 
She gets up and looks at them. We leave tomorrow. 


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