Jules et Jim

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post French final, 
which was essentially a forty-minute frenzy in attempt to finish the exam early, splashing through wavy city lights reflected in dirty rain puddles on the street, caught the Nutcracker downtown... later, mom's vintage cartier, dad's vintage lennons, YSL in le orange, and finally a chance to read the Modern Film script of Jules et Jim from Book/ shop.  

Rapid dissolve to the three friends going down a flight of steps leading to a footbridge across the railway lines. 

Voice off:  Catherine was very pleased with the success of her disguise. Jules and Jim were moved, as if by a symbol which they did not understand. 
         Catherine sits down at the bottom of the flight of steps and looks at the sky. Jim looks at her and then looks up with her. 

Jim:  Ou bien je rêve, ou alors il pleut. Either I'm dreaming, or it's starting to rain. 

Catherine and Jules: C’ est peut-être les deux. Perhaps it's both. 

Catherine: If it's raining, then let's go off to the seaside. 
She gets up and looks at them. We leave tomorrow. 

Hazel English

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hazel English
Brick & Mortar, San Francisco.  
11. 3. 2015.  film 

Jill Sander, the Ads

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Just never gets old... 

1.  S/S '96 by Craig McDean
2.  S/S '98 Angela Lindvall by David Sims
3.  A/W '97/98 David Sims and Marc Ascoli 

I've been keeping a growing pile of 90's Jill Sander Ads for a long time now, always the perfect reference when I need a jolt of inspiration. Other things to help defog the mind during these winter months: 

Visited Pier 24 last week for Paul Graham's "A shimmer of Possibility", and other works. A beautiful exhibit, I'd love to get another look at the room with his purple dusk-hued gas station photos, colors as vibrant as an Eggleston, one of his inspirations. Also a recent visit to the neighborhood library to pick up the film version of "Unbearable Lightness of Being", and "Leon" to celebrate the end of finals! Already planning the outfits we'll dress up in (black ribbon choker but no wig... yet) when we watch "Leon". At the library, never mind a serious time crunch, my overly inquisitive feet led me towards the books, and my eyes to a variety of gems I couldn't leave behind, among them Cy Twombly, Charles Dickens, Susan Sontag, and J.P Donleavy. 

Looking forward to Tuesday, taking a small trip to Big Sur with an old group of friends, which should be brutally cold and beautiful. Later in the week, a holiday pop-up for Book/Shop, a little reunion with friends from Paris, a night show at SF symphony, and a cookie swap party. Oh, december, you cozy, sparkly thing. 

Oui , vous tous.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Le Mépris, 1963

You like all of me? My mouth? My eyes? My nose? And my ears?

Yes, all of you. 

Then you love me... totally?

Yes. Totally... tenderly... tragically. 

Confession: wove in and out of the plot with this one, lost in the stunning visuals of the Italian coast and the vixen that is Brigitte Bardot. Wicked winged liner, a French iron bed frame to die for, the luxury of reading novels in a bathtub, an endless stairway to ascend into an endless blue, and to run away from tortured souls. Every girl should own a Vivre sa Vie-esque black 60's wig, which she wears to meet strangers and do the most mundane of chores in. 

p.s Though I've never spent a sun-drenched afternoon soaking in a bathtub, novel in one hand, cigarette in other, if Anne Fadiman's husband in Ex Libris (a collection of essays on the art and joy of reading and book-lovers) reads in a sauna, "where heat-fissioned pages drop like petals in a storm", I can only imagine the sadly dampened state of a long novel read in the haze of a luke-warm, sleepy bathtub...  


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