Homme, IV

Monday, November 23, 2015

1. Erik van Gils by Markus Pritzi
2. Dior Homme SS/16

crooked ankles and shadows that slice
bare skin. 

beautiful, no?

My past 48 hours: An outdoor screening of Band of Outsiders, where we finally learned & performed for each other the Madison (heads were turned, our moves were legit!) Today, spent all afternoon in the Haight, conversations about Dostoyevsky and girls from high school getting engaged, over rosemary infused hot chocolate in the moonlight. Yes to romantic November dates with your best friends. Amoeba never disappoints. Brushed up on a little Dire Straits music history in the land of 20 dollar vinyls- we'll be returning sooner than later, with a few more dollars in the pocket and some sewn up holes. 


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