Monday, November 2, 2015

Brooklyn. March 2015 

Haven't been taking so many photos lately, haven't been to new york in longer, but every time the weather gets all cold and misty like it did today, I'm transported back to this scene in Brooklyn. Is there anything more enchanting than a children's carousel half concealed by layers of white fog, lights spinning in a blur against calm waters, glass on all sides, a thin layer between you and reality.

Other little pleasures : Binging on wicked Lolita-esque film shorts on Nowness, like this one. A lot (never too much) of New Order this week. New record for number of "Age of Consent" plays in a day at work, and the night before, and the day before. Dark plum nail polish, plaid dresses with white collars and lot's of Bowie references (this year's choices for Halloween). Oh and hanging with Jimmy Dean at a new favorite diner until 5 am. More on that soon...


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