december catharsis

Sunday, November 29, 2015

On the last day of a long, long weekend...

After wasting away the morning hours online, with back-pain inducing posture and dry eyeballs (the internet isn't kind to contact lens-wearers) ogling at all the new Dieppa Restrepos on sale but still utterly unattainable, decided enough was enough, and went on a hike through the Presidio terrains with the family. It was clear today, sharp, crisp, cold, beautiful. And it was the first time in months that I found the ocean under my feet. How this absence happens as a Californian, I don't know. The hike wasn't great for the cold I caught over the holiday (it was the soy sauce I shared with the sick boy next to me Friday night, the sushi was good, I forgive you), but rather for the spirit, and I took a bundle of polaroids along the way that I decided to call "December catharsis", if that is any indicator of November being a medley of incredible highs, like TOPS, and new friends, and Tame Impala on vinyl, and unforgettable karaoke car rides (such a good month for music) but also intensely lonely moments even in the company of others, and the tragic reality that this world can be a cruel, sad place. Luckily, I have a friend who more or less shares my mind, but is somehow always at the opposite end of the emotion-spectrum, and after sending a sleuth of depressing texts, she gave me a simple reminder: at day's end, it's our job to find, and never stop believing that there exists some beauty in this world. 

Homme, IV

Monday, November 23, 2015

1. Erik van Gils by Markus Pritzi
2. Dior Homme SS/16

crooked ankles and shadows that slice
bare skin. 

beautiful, no?

My past 48 hours: An outdoor screening of Band of Outsiders, where we finally learned & performed for each other the Madison (heads were turned, our moves were legit!) Today, spent all afternoon in the Haight, conversations about Dostoyevsky and girls from high school getting engaged, over rosemary infused hot chocolate in the moonlight. Yes to romantic November dates with your best friends. Amoeba never disappoints. Brushed up on a little Dire Straits music history in the land of 20 dollar vinyls- we'll be returning sooner than later, with a few more dollars in the pocket and some sewn up holes. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I took that train into the city
You know the one that goes under the bridge
I thought I was listening
To the band that played the song that changed me.  

A moment of pure aesthetic pleasure earlier, listening to Mazzy Star on the train ride home. Tuning out blurry faces after a somewhat sad late-afternoon in the city with those dreamy guitar trills.

Whatever makes your heart beat faster

Sunday, November 8, 2015

When in doubt, alone in your bedroom, round up a few photos of your dream girls, close your eyes and drive down a highway, blasting "Song for Zoe & Gwen" and "Catastrophe" by Yumi Zouma, re-paint your nails a deep plum, and practice posing like Didion, one hand casually strung in pocket, glasses in the other, nonchalant...  

"Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends." 
  -Joan Didion

1. Kate Moss by Ryan Mcginley, 2007
2. Joan Didion by Eugene Richards, 2005
3. Phoebe Philo for The Gentlewoman  
4. Romy Schneider circa 1970's


Monday, November 2, 2015

Brooklyn. March 2015 

Haven't been taking so many photos lately, haven't been to new york in longer, but every time the weather gets all cold and misty like it did today, I'm transported back to this scene in Brooklyn. Is there anything more enchanting than a children's carousel half concealed by layers of white fog, lights spinning in a blur against calm waters, glass on all sides, a thin layer between you and reality.

Other little pleasures : Binging on wicked Lolita-esque film shorts on Nowness, like this one. A lot (never too much) of New Order this week. New record for number of "Age of Consent" plays in a day at work, and the night before, and the day before. Dark plum nail polish, plaid dresses with white collars and lot's of Bowie references (this year's choices for Halloween). Oh and hanging with Jimmy Dean at a new favorite diner until 5 am. More on that soon...


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