At the cinema

Friday, September 4, 2015

1. Another grainy shot of my favorite apartment corner
(Remember when we dangled our legs at night, four stories above the dark street, windows open? )

2. Whipped out my 35 mml to get a shot of one of my favorite films, also in 35 mml! 
Watching a french movie in Paris was high up on my corny-but-must-be-done- bucket list, though I wasn't sure if I would encounter any live-screened New Wave films...

Imagine how happily surprised I was, to find a small cinema house playing exclusively Trouffout and Godard just blocks away from the apartment. There were three or four art house theaters on one street alone near Sorbonne, my heart about ready to explode. It's incredible how old cinema culture is still very much alive here, at 3 pm there was a whole line of people (ok, mostly older and retired), save for a beautifully disheveled man in a bowling hat who sat right behind us and looked like a young director (should have been braver and asked) and Tiffany and myself. 

First time watching Vivre Sa Vie in the cinema, and that it got to be in Paris felt special. Every time I see Anna Karina, my desire for that gorgeously cut bob and lined feline eyes skyrockets! At another cinema house called Le Champo, Camilo, Ben, Joe and I saw Rocco e i suoi Fratelli (Luchino Visconti, Alain Delon), in Italian, with French subtitles. That movie must be traveling around France, because I saw it playing in Aix-en Provence a few weeks later too. The funniest bit was at the end, when we all staggered out of the theatre, bleary eyed, agreeing immediately how good it was...then simultaneously admitting how many times we'd each dozed off (to our credit, it was a four hour movie, stifling hot inside, and not a single drop of English! 


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