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Monday, August 24, 2015

Well, it's been some time hasn't it? 
three, four, five weeks since i last sat down to write... 

Too, too much has happened since then, and since I've no way of organizing my thoughts anymore (Europe in seven weeks, two words: visual overload), let's start very, very small. Here's a piece of my apartment in Paris. My tiny, one room-apartment where I banged my knee every other morning against the wooden desk that took up half the space, the beautiful little living quarter I fell in love with, two creaky steps in.   

I took this photo my second week in Paris. It must have been a Monday, because these are the fresh peonies I indulged in at the farmer's market (then stole some used wine bottles from the kitchen for vases, and gave half to my roommate, +1 roomie point for me). This was also right after the free museum day, when I visited Centre Pompidou, the largest modern/ contemporary art museum in Paris. 

So, so many great things that day- Sam Francis's "Untitled" series, Fernand Leger's "le ballet mechanique", 1923 running in a dark corner, Hans Richter's 35 mm film "Vormittagsspuck" -ghosts, floating hats, all around greatness, Jean-Isadore Isou "traité de bave et d'éternité", Cy Tyomnly's "Achilles", 1962 and an entire retrospective on the rhythms & motifs of Le Corbusier. And last but not least, Matisse. Purchasing these Matisse post cards was a no-brainer, little did I know that this was the first in six Matisse exhibits I'd see in Europe... eh no regrets! 

Also jotted this quote down in my notebook:

"la vraie peinture commença quand on comprendra que la couleur a une vie propre"
real painting will begin when people understand that color has a life of its own

-Sonia Delaunay 


  1. Lovely photos on the wall. Where did you get them? :)



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