l'appartement des musiciens

Monday, August 31, 2015

15 juillet 2015 
 peter's apartment

They met at an open-mic night, Tiffany and Peter. 
She came to Paris a month ago, like myself- as a student, and him two years ago from Liverpool, I think, 
then a model, now an actor, always a musician. 

That afternoon- the three of us wandering around
golden hues and golden leaves,
saving bees from death by une carafe d'eau
and harmony, two-and a half harmonizing voices to acoustic guitar on the hill where Amelie was filmed. 

Then a brief tour of Peter's Chinatown studio-  loved his dusty rose walls, where he told us he and his roommates 
sometimes project films- (note to self: find future apartment with the wall space for film nights). 

Chinatown-a new neighborhood in Paris for me, and a new dimension to Paris- really liked it. 
Just outside- tons of little children running around, playing basketball and tripping and shouting, happiness. 


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