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Monday, August 31, 2015

15 juillet 2015 
 peter's apartment

They met at an open-mic night, Tiffany and Peter. 
She came to Paris a month ago, like myself- as a student, and him two years ago from Liverpool, I think, 
then a model, now an actor, always a musician. 

That afternoon- the three of us wandering around
golden hues and golden leaves,
saving bees from death by une carafe d'eau
and harmony, two-and a half harmonizing voices to acoustic guitar on the hill where Amelie was filmed. 

Then a brief tour of Peter's Chinatown studio-  loved his dusty rose walls, where he told us he and his roommates 
sometimes project films- (note to self: find future apartment with the wall space for film nights). 

Chinatown-a new neighborhood in Paris for me, and a new dimension to Paris- really liked it. 
Just outside- tons of little children running around, playing basketball and tripping and shouting, happiness. 

Homme: Yuichiro

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yuichiro (Yuu) from Tokyo- of the first friends I made in Paris,

we exchanged words in a mixed-up, silly tumult of Japanese-English-French... 

this happened to me other times in Paris, I would try to speak with the few Japanese people I met- once on the second floor of a small restaurant at night, when a mother in her 40's and her son, a student from the Netherlands, asked me questions in Japanese, like what I was doing in a Chinese restaurant by myself (no one else wanted Chinese, and three weeks into Paris, I was craving good Asian food so, so badly) only to draw a totally blank mind, and notice French was easier, more natural, somewhat of a default for the first time, really. Yuu seems like the kind of guy people gravitate towards, he was friends with nearly everyone who visited the shop that day (so many regulars) and I realized how much of a difference it makes to have a barista, or any kind of shopkeeper, who takes the time to talk to you, and ask you questions. That doesn't happen nearly enough back home. 

Later, met this other girl at the same cafe, she took me to 0fr bookstore/ gallery, 
a treasure trove of art and photography books a few blocks away... 

 Boot Cafe 
19 Rue du Pont aux Choux

On the street, femme en bleu

Thursday, August 27, 2015

45 rue Saint-Roch, Parsons Paris

Wish I'd asked this girl a number of questions:
where she bought her coat, what she was doing outside Parsons Paris (student.. stylist.. frequenter of Rue Saint-Roch?), where she's from, oh and her name.

This is the first street-style type photo I've ever taken, it's quite addicting, harder than I thought, and I'm already wanting try again. 9/10 times, my fingers are too slow to capture the people who catch my eye. This girl though, with her frayed oversize coat en bleu, black cross-body, red lips & converse, I couldn't let her go.

Later, walked down a random passage close to the Palais Royale, and lo and behold, Maison Margiela.

Be still, my heart.

paris apartment

Monday, August 24, 2015

Well, it's been some time hasn't it? 
three, four, five weeks since i last sat down to write... 

Too, too much has happened since then, and since I've no way of organizing my thoughts anymore (Europe in seven weeks, two words: visual overload), let's start very, very small. Here's a piece of my apartment in Paris. My tiny, one room-apartment where I banged my knee every other morning against the wooden desk that took up half the space, the beautiful little living quarter I fell in love with, two creaky steps in.   

I took this photo my second week in Paris. It must have been a Monday, because these are the fresh peonies I indulged in at the farmer's market (then stole some used wine bottles from the kitchen for vases, and gave half to my roommate, +1 roomie point for me). This was also right after the free museum day, when I visited Centre Pompidou, the largest modern/ contemporary art museum in Paris. 

So, so many great things that day- Sam Francis's "Untitled" series, Fernand Leger's "le ballet mechanique", 1923 running in a dark corner, Hans Richter's 35 mm film "Vormittagsspuck" -ghosts, floating hats, all around greatness, Jean-Isadore Isou "traité de bave et d'éternité", Cy Tyomnly's "Achilles", 1962 and an entire retrospective on the rhythms & motifs of Le Corbusier. And last but not least, Matisse. Purchasing these Matisse post cards was a no-brainer, little did I know that this was the first in six Matisse exhibits I'd see in Europe... eh no regrets! 

Also jotted this quote down in my notebook:

"la vraie peinture commença quand on comprendra que la couleur a une vie propre"
real painting will begin when people understand that color has a life of its own

-Sonia Delaunay 


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