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Monday, July 13, 2015

Morning in Paris
3 Juillet 2015
I went to the farmer's market last week, ended up staying for almost two hours because the locals were so friendly, the samples too delicious. I met a girl there who moved to Paris seven years ago from Stockholm, she's a literature student and she was telling me how much she loves the city, even after all this time, but how she'll never really be a local, that's something you're born into, she said. I left with blackberry jam and the best blueberries and yellow peaches I've ever tasted. J'ai traverse la rue towards my apartment, ran into another student, and she convinced me to go back and buy fresh white (very overpriced) peonies for my room, so they're on this same study desk now, already shriveled up and dying because of the heat here, but still lovely by the window, especially in the morning light.

Elle est incroyablement belle, cette ville. 
I took these my second night in Paris, when a bunch of us took a boat ride along the Seine. It was already 9 pm, maybe close to 10, and the sun was just skimming the water, illuminating the city with golden and purple waves. So many young people along the Seine, I love watching them sitting along the river's edge, legs dangling, cigarettes, wine, in close groups of friends, three, maybe four, and time doesn't matter so much here.

One of my friends here was telling me how each summer day in Paris feels like five. Like there are unspoken sections to a day, if you wake up by 5 maybe, you have 5 more hours to yourself before the city really wakes up, and it's nice, chilly and dewy, really quiet, soft white light everywhere. Then the afternoon is filled with tourists and the central city is frantic, everyone is everywhere, and it's overwhelming, but the anonymity is nice. I always have time to myself before sundown, heading to dinner around 9, never in Saint Germain after the first week- we've learned better. Tonight we'll be in le Marais to celebrate the night before Bastille Day, but I'm wanting to go to the Quartier Latin soon too. Strawberries and wine is dinner here, and it's perfect. Then a really peaceful lull after dinner, a quiet energy building up, and that's when the night starts. If you're out late enough, you experience the last bit, where you trade the last metro for le premier metro of the next day, to get home at 6 am.

Freedom of night here is beautiful.


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