Je suis arrivé à Paris

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

St. Germain, Paris 
1 Juillet 2015

Donc, il semble, je suis enfin ici! Of course the first thing I do the afternoon I arrive, is throw open our rusty white balcony windows, look down, up, down Rue de Conde, and take a photo to make sure this view isn't a complete mirage.   

One week later, and it it's still completely surreal that I'm in Paris, that I get to wake up for class at 7 am every morning, grab jam and a baguette from the lobby, speed walk through Jardin du Luxembourg, and make it to class by 9, bleary eyed, but so, so happy, out by 12, metro by 12:30, and then the day begins. 

21 ans. The age I'd always promised myself I'd come to Paris. I don't know what else to say, other than this city feels right. I've never been to a foreign place where I feel so at ease, where I inherently understand the pace of the people and the rhythm of the streets, even in a city where it takes me five minutes to spit out a single sentence. My head's spinning from every detail I'm wanting to savor, and share here, (plus running on 3 hours of sleep every night)- but carrying my little black notebook everywhere is keeping me mildly sane. 

The sun's gone down, and we're going to an open mike night hosted by Shakespeare and Co. near Blvd. Saint-Michel at this tiny cafe now. Did I really just say that? 
À demain!


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