Boys by Girls

Sunday, July 26, 2015

19 juillet 2015
"Gentle Uprising" by Fanny Latour-Lambert and Benoit Martinengo
Found "Boys By Girls" in the Palaise de Tokyo Bookstore. Fell in love. 

I'D IMAGINED that updating this blog wouldn't be hard in Paris, but its been near impossible... There's barely internet in our apartment, and in the cafe's here (at least the ones I like), people aren't buried in laptops and iphones- they're too busy conversing and people-watching, enjoying each others company over two, even three hour meals. That's what Ben, Tiffany, and I did this morning- I walked from my apartment through Jardin Du Luxembourg, and met them at La Closerie de Lilas in Montparnasse, where we ordered two cafe creme's and a cappuccino, and shared an assortment of mini desserts- so sweet we left them unfinished. This is the cafe that Hemingway frequented, and the inside is gorgeous- Art Deco posters from the 1920's, historical photos lining the walls, the piano guy playing some famous Asian song for us (he thought we were both Taiwanese?), brass and black and ancient chandeliers everywhere. Obviously young locals don't go to places like this, but it's Ben and Tiffany's last couple days in Paris, so they're feeling extra indulgent (and I'm never one to resist, to the detriment of my wallet), and so we walked down the street to another Hemingway Cafe- Le Select, and I had the best French Onion Gratin soup of my life. Needless to say, none of us will be eating tonight. Tiffany and I are going dancing later, and Ben, who's been on this whirlwind French romance is off to the cinema with the guy we met, he can't stop smiling, and it's infectious and adorable. It's very cold and overcast today, raining on and off, a little melancholic, and the streets are wet and beautiful. 

The cinema houses here are very elegant, as are the hommes, (although the cinema is also romantic, Parisian men, for the most part, are not). I've snapped a few street style shots, but not nearly as many as I wanted to yet. I've one roll of film left (and I came with 5!)- it's a black and white roll, and it's for two things: the architecture, and the people of Paris. 


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