Tuesday, June 23, 2015

thrifted blouse 
envelope clutch by still.products
wristwatch c/o Larsson &Jennings
photo: Felix Lim

1. I first met Rachel, a young designer all the way from Singapore, just one year ago through insta. Despite never having met in person, we quickly bonded over our shared love for Her (film, soundtrack, everything). After several months of admiring her designs, she kindly sent me a nude envelope purse from her company, Still.Products. It's a lovely piece, spacious enough to fit a medley of tidbits: keys, lipstick, small notebook, coin purse, all the receipts and random acquisitions of the night, but small and sleek enough to hold as a clutch. Paired with an oversized white blouse thrifted in San Francisco, and a black and gold "Lader" wristwatch gifted by Swedish store, Larson & Jennings. Funny enough, my mom became rather infatuated, so I ended up giving it to her for her birthday, and I still wear her tiny, scratched up vintage Cartier everyday- I like its subtlety- un peu petite, unmoving hands, frozen time.  

2. We've always shared an affection for the shadowy bits of life. I snapped a shot of these branches behind the Eames House in L.A a month ago, the light leak a happy coincidence. 

3. Getting ready, in dior. 


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