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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stan Brackage. The Wonder Ring, 1959  

The past few nights I've been staying up too late watching Stan Brackage's short films, this week especially, it's a means of escape from final exams. 

His work is hard to capture in a still photo. In a blink of an eye, you miss how many frames of beauty? Many of his films are in a constant state of transition, especially works like Mothlight (1963). Feels like you have an eyelash caught in your eye and you're anxiously fluttering your lids to get it out, not wanting to miss a moment.  

It's the exigence of experimental films with an extravagant number of shots per second... 

Anyway, this segment from Wonder Ring is everything I love in a short. Bowler hats, and stranger's silhouettes, the side of fire escapes, and crumbling pastel buildings, the most beautiful use of light and reflection. And it takes place within the journey of a train ride, the silent romance. 

I ran into my film teacher from last quarter at a Hammer party the other night (a happy surprise, she's one of my favorites) and I need to bring this up if we do end up getting coffee before I leave...

More stills: 

A few other favorites: 

Beautiful, frenetic youth rebels. 

Who is he? 


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