the hours

Saturday, May 9, 2015

photo by david choi 
coat by oak and fort

Days in few words.

No sleep, stormy clouds. Green tea stains and performance art. Sensory overload. 
I miss having time to read in the morning, but leisure was never part of a student's vocabulary. This weekend though, I have the apartment to myself, and I'm opting to stay in, and reflect. The world never stops spewing out inspiration, and it's time to sit still, and sort through the words and images, ideas I've been for gathering for weeks now. With a cup of green tea and the latest issue of Vogue Paris Hommes next to me, I hope! I'm excited to be playing more with fashion lately. This coat is actually one of my favorites for layering- I love a sharp silhouette on a softer sweater material... it feels like a fluid piece, if that makes sense. Ideal for late mornings in the apartment, late nights downtown. 

And tonight: Noodles with the girls and a Yves Saint Laurent documentary. 



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