Saturday, April 25, 2015

3. 25. 2015
San Francisco, film. 
Never Let Me Go

I finally developed my film roll from a pastel-hued spring break, and lately I've just been thinking about what it means to escape a city that another person dreams about, with every limb in their body...

Garance recently wrote a post that made my heart ache. Didion's "Goodbye to All That" is the literary version, in a sense, of what the illusion of living in THE city means, and how this glimmering facade ultimately fades in time. Or does it? Somewhere in this past year, I stopped trying to make sense of Los Angeles, and when I did, it became accessible, and then a part of me, and the moment I realized it was when I went home, to San Francisco. My mind is somewhere else this week, frenetic really, and it's mostly because I'm excited for the future. The near future, the far-off in the distance future, yet nostalgic all the same. April and May in a word, would be bittersweet. But also, simply inspired! I've seen more films in theaters this week than I have in a year, and the q&a's with actors, directors, film-makers, writers- ah, I can't wait to share them here soon. But I'll leave reality, and all that I've been up to lately, for the next post.

"It had rained in Los Angeles until the cliff was crumbling into the surf and I did not feel like getting dressed in the morning, so we decided to go to Mexico, to Guaymas, where it was hot. We did not go for marlin. We did not go to skin-dive. We went to get away from ourselves, and the way to do that is to drive, down through Nogales some day where the pretty green places and all that will move the imagination is some place difficult, some desert."



  1. This is a beautiful post, June! I'm so in love with your writing style.

  2. I love film medium so much. Love your photography June ♥



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