Vancouver on film: Revolver Coffee

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Revolver coffee
325 Cambie St, 
Vancouver, Canada 
LET'S revisit last summer in Vancouver for a minute...
Taken on a dreary grey morning, these analog photos from an afternoon at Revolver coffee are  somewhat of a nostalgic reminder of our trip last September. We took a bus far past Vancouver's main street, crossing the bridge into a dense forest to find the famous (infamous?) suspension bridge, Calypso, and back again to Gastown. 

It rained so much on this trip. On our hikes, our bike rides, in-between destinations, as we hid out in coffee-shops with soaking shoes and numb fingers. After awhile, we learned to just accept the gloomy weather instead of escaping it. In a way, we were lucky because with the rain, spending time in coffee shops like this one felt all the more like a destination, than a mere pass-through. The atmosphere here was very special somehow-it stands out from most other cafe's in Vancouver we visited (my other favorite stop being Le Marche St. George.) It was loud inside, and crowded, a mix of conversation and Bonobo, and there were these two strangers just sitting, totally immersed in their own worlds- the guy didn't look up from his book once, the lady just staring out the window. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to ask George Giannakos, owner of Revolver Coffee, a few quick  questions about his business! 

What was the inspiration behind Revolver coffee? 
The inspiration for Revolver came from years of visiting cafes and also working in the industry for a long time.  It is a shop that is designed to showcase all things 'Coffee', and allows customers to be part of that experience by having everything as open and transparent as possible.  

Why did you choose Gastown, Vancouver as the location for your cafe, and how does the surrounding community influence the atmosphere of the store? 
When we were looking to open up, Gastown was really the only neighborhood we considered at the time (almost 4 years ago).  It is home to so many like-minded restaurants and boutiques and has a history that dates back further than most other's in Vancouver. 

That's great to hear! Gastown really seems to have a great sense of community. And your favorite drink on the menu? 
I love to start off with drip coffee in the morning, and then fill the remainder of the day with macchiatos. 

photos taken w. Mamiya Sektor film camera. 


  1. wow these photos are absolutely amazing!!! :~)

  2. Beautiful photos! Mentally adding this place to my list (if I ever get around to visiting Vancouver).


    1. Ah, I hope you do, it's such a quaint, beautiful place! Go during summer- I've no doubt you'll love it:)

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