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Sunday, March 8, 2015

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Today is International Women's day, a day in particular where we reflect upon the incredible women in our lives- strong and vocal, and strong and quiet women alike, in how far we've come towards achieving independence and equality, yet how much more further we can-will- still go. 

This past month stands out to me, because of small, nevertheless empowering experiences that made me so happy- to be free, to feel again, to simply be. Like letting it all out to "Love on Top" in a sloppy group circle resembling a high school dance- Tavi Gevinson's Rookie Party, with some of the best-dressed folks I've ever seen (also getting hamburger stickers and a hug). Beyonce never felt so good. Like filming Sarah, an artist in her ceramic studio in the Arts District, and talking to her well past sun down about our lives and journeys thus far.

Finding brilliant ad campaigns with strong female figures:
1) Joan Didion's Celine ad. I have so much respect for Phoebe Philo choosing Didion to front her campaign (as if I didn't already).  I'm reading my second book by Didion now, Slouching towards Bethlehem, with my bookmark stopped just before "On keeping a notebook", until I have proper time+attention for it, as I can feel it'll be a very special one.

2) Iris Apfel in not one, but two campaigns. She's a beautiful individual who has quite literally changed the way I've thought not just about style, but about living.

"The world doesn't have enough color" she said. "Just keep in mind I’m the world’s oldest living teenager..." 

3) In music I listen to daily: Ibeyi, Lykki Li, Patti Smith, Bjork, Leanna De Havas, Billy Holiday, Sia, the list goes on, but there's room for many, many more, and that's wonderful. 

My teachers/mentors this quarter:
All my professors this quarter are female. My film teacher gives the most incredible lectures to 200+ students on french film and its ties to colonialism/post-colonialism. And every class, I picture myself getting up on stage, lecturing for two hours on sensitive topics like racism, and that's enough to make my insides shake. Another of my professors is a documentary film-maker, who's films have showed in festivals, alongside being a wonderful teacher/mentor figure, which is very inspiring in itself. She told me I had a "future in cinematography" which also made my insides shake... Shaking-insides are a good thing. 

Written last night, at 1:16 am... 
I watched this incredible dance performance tonight. Last weekend, i was quite literally crying in the rain like a child because I was so cold during my night-shift, directing theatre goers in the rain, and feeling so completely useless. Tonight at the same job (albeit inside this time) I experienced inspiration and collective energy from the audience that made me nearly tear up again, from this overwhelming joy that I don't know how to adequately capture in words or photography or anything really, because you just have to live in it. 

Anyway, I stood in the back of the theatre as always, and I noticed the director of the entire Performing Arts school come in, quietly standing in the back with her black suit and short hair, door closing soundlessly behind her. The entire performance we stood watching the performance together, and the entire time the dancers were on stage, i just kept thinking to myself, when this is over- tell her. Stop her before she leaves, and tell her how amazing this performance is, and how much her work means. And then the audience starts clapping, she hastily opens the door, and I grab her arm and tell her. And she looks so surprised, she gives me a huge, tight hug, and I don't know that I've ever felt more appreciated for appreciating someone's hard work. 

I want to have a heart as open, the strength to stop caring what others think so much, like these women, and many, many more, who maybe aren't famous or recognized, but work every day to better the world. Enough with endless self-doubt, with unproductive woes. I'm working harder to show my strengths with pride, as a woman.

Have you experienced any empowering moments recently? I'd love to hear.


  1. This is really, really beautiful. I love the straightforward and intimate style of your writing -- it's allowed me to see how similar we are. Keep writing beautiful things! I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Aw thanks so much kaity. Yes, I've always felt we were quite similar- our blog layouts also attest to that haha! Thanks for the encouraging words :) xx



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