Learning, un-learning, re-learning

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

“I’m stimulated by learning 

and if I’m not learning then I’m not stimulated, 

and if I’m not stimulated then I’m not living, 

and if I’m not living then I’m dead.”

-Ryan McGuiness, Human Being Journal. Issue 4. 


- Huntington Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles - 

At the time, I would say I was intrigued with the idea of perfection. 
As if capturing the cleanest, most flawlessly arranged photographic form was superior to the reality of a messy, un-cropped life. 
For a while, I shunned one, then mocked the other. Who am I left with, if I am both? 

If questioning, and re-questioning everything is learning, then I'm learning, and re-learning a lot this year. 

I want to understand more than the aesthetics of a photo. I want to know why a photo illicits a reaction. Is it the soul the photographer brings to the image, a rawness, or happiness, or yearning, the viewer then shares? 

When I look at these photos, I'm reminded of a love for shadows, for organic plants unfurling their limbs in soft light. I never want to lose this innocence. I'm also reminded of a true struggle now, to release control and symmetry. To undo perfection. 

A friend took me to this spot not so long ago. It's beautiful, and I look forward to the ease I felt walking through the gardens. Just getting lost in the plants, laughing, wandering, wondering out loud. 



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