In the Studio: The Classics

Monday, December 1, 2014

TWO WEEKENDS AGO, at 8 am on a crisp Friday morning, I ventured out to the Arts District in downtown LA to shoot a style story at Esther's studio. 

The dull, lengthy commute? Not so fun. This hardly mattered, however, given the concept we were to work around that day: the classics

The classics, being those select few pieces in our collection that have quite frankly, endured our very worst faux-pas, and come out on top, as our go-to's and easy favorites. The loose-fitted white tee, ideal for lounging around in the apartment- sleeves, easily rolled up, for the days we want to channel our inner James Dean (everyday). The black pants, long enough to appear slimming, stretchy enough   to sit cross-legged on a stool for a half-hour (tried and tested). The chunky sandals, wooden heeled, with nude inner soles, and once broken in, perfect for stomping around the city. 

These are the simple pieces, the ones which have outlasted the best and worst of trends, the ones we inevitably reach for, because we know they'll perform. They probably took a long time to find or acquire. And they were probably not the cheapest to come by. But for these pieces, I personally never mind shelling out a little more. Their allure, after all, lies in their immaculate quality. They've been worn now, to the point of soft, intimate, and subtle perfection. These pieces are timeless. 

Many thanks to Melis, who took these photos, and about a hundred more. With certain photographer friends like her, I feel more comfortable in front of the camera, because behind every serious photo, five equally awkward, humorous instances exist. 

Those are the true classics, right? 

Which classics do you find most timeless and worthwhile? I'd love to know. 



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