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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

-via Other Stories
LYYKE LI is the one female singer who I would pay copious amounts to see. Ridiculous amounts. Quite a few of my friends saw her perform this past summer, and believe me, I died a little more inside- every single time. With my luck, I'd fly to Europe, and she'd still be unreachable! 

Every couple weeks, I come back to one of her songs, be it "Love out of Lust", "I know Places", or "Little Bit", only to listen to every album consecutively. I savor the nights when I have time to work my way through each album, song by song, story by story. There's this incredible mix of tender emotion, relatability and total bad ass, don't care attitude she brings. Life goals, indeed. 

So... this is why I'm also a little ashamed that I didn't write about her collaboration with &Other Stories sooner! The collection she came out with is absolutely incredible. First the color pallet- black, creamy white, tans, and golds....swoon. Next the seamless cuts. I'm in love with the oversized cashmere sweater, white dress shirt, the loafers- really, everything can be mixed and matched in countlessly versatile ways, and that's when you know the choices are solid. Take a look at her collection here, if you haven't already!

And finally the video, edited to perfection, overplayed to a fault :



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