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Friday, October 3, 2014

 - Merriweather eyeglasses by Oscar Wylee -

AH. THESE KINDS of slow mornings are going to be such a rarity starting... today. Because finally, after three+ months, it's back to classes. It's a little bit surreal to be honest!

And look what's arrived in the mail, just in time for the new school year- the Merriweather eyeglasses by Oscar Wylee! I was so happy to receive this gift, because not only do they have a great timeless, vintage design, they're so functional for every day use. After a relatively relaxing summer, feigning higher intellect with the smart design of these glasses is probably a good thing, right?

Other things: 

Leftover stems- These are some remaining baby's breath stems from a dinner event I helped create the other weekend. Simple as they are, they've always been one of my favorite flowers- I love the slightly wild, overgrown look they have. 

One last cup- I'm going to try drinking more tea this school year. I know its healthier, and it helps calm the over-active nerves (which I have too much of, always). My roommates have a pumpkin blend, and I've got a chai-vanilla mix. Ah, fall things. 

Listening to: Beach House. Ever since Michelle and I went to the Beach House concert in Vancouver (her first time, my second), I've rekindled my love for their dark, dreamy songs (this does tend to happen every couple months or so anyway). You know all the favorites- Lazuli, Take Care, New Year, Troublemaker, but I also love their older work from "Devotion" and their self-titled "Beach House". I don't know that there are many other performing songwriters these days who make you feel their music so deeply, so much, not as an audience but as part of their art. It's really such a special experience. And Victoria... That is all. 

Happy Friday! 




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