pairing: gradient & mist

Saturday, September 27, 2014

HOW IS IT... that every time I return to this city, I love it a little more than before? San Francisco's fog-coated mountains- dewey in the morning mist, and lifting upwards near the last light of day, are something I take for granted too often. 

It's this same weather that lets me indulge in my favorite autumn staple- oversized knits. This white cable knit is from American Apparel, and its served me quite well over these past several months. It's the type of sweater you want to do everything in - snuggle up with blankets and a steaming mug, grab grilled cheese with friends (yes, grilled cheese in SF means Outerlands),  hiking around the beach, watching back to back Netflix... Also am I the only one who loves pairing sweaters with irrationally little clothing on the bottom like cutoffs or pj boxers ? It makes sense to me! 

photo by Felix Lim -

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  1. Love that sweater! So envious of y'all who are experiencing Fall right now! :(

  2. Love the colours of these images and layout! :-)

  3. This is so beautiful, dear June! Sadly I haven't found the perfect knit yet :(



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