for the love of: stripes

Thursday, September 11, 2014

- photo by Felix Lim -

IT'S BEEN SOME time since I've shown my face on the blog, hasn't it? Recently I've gotten far more used to being the one behind the camera, but if there's anything that will shed away any traces of camera-shy, it's a really well-designed striped basic. There are many obsessions I can admit to in life- dark chocolate, rainy mornings indoors, the '20s, and Scott Fitzgerald... Muji notebooks I'll never finish, and stopping before every plant in sight. Stripes will always be at the top of that list.

I can't pinpoint the reason I love this classic so much. Maybe the answer is in the way the icons wear it (Anna Karina, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jean Seberg). Maybe it's the way stripes match everything, from loose fitted boyfriend jeans, to sheer tights. Or maybe my attraction lies in the art of finding the perfect stripes. The top I'm wearing here is the navy Le Breton, and it's possibly one of my favorite finds this month. Not only is the top stretchy enough to easily move around in, it gets bonus points for the handy little front pocket! If I'm not careful, this top is going to be worn 7 days a week (and possibly some nights when I go back to university, and all bad habits kick in, once again). 

A few more photos...

- all photos by Felix Lim, Le Breton top c/o Popbasic -



  1. These photos turned out AMAZING!! ahh you're so beautiful, my friend. And YESSS to stripes!

  2. Absolutely love these photographs! :)



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