Boston on Film

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A FEW FILM photos from a morning in Boston. You might remember I posted similar photos not so long ago, but isn't the difference between the two incredible? On film, the sharp precision (too sharp, I often feel) achieved on the camera phone is softened, and there's an entirely new depth created. The focus isn't always consistent, and my film photos are far from perfect, but maybe they don't try so hard to be, and maybe that's the beauty of it. With the dusky hues from the film camera, the entire room just feels a little moodier, a little more sentimental, like a moment not so forcefully captured...

- Charles Mark hotel, Boston -
-Boston public library- 

And now to compile the NYC cafe photos (prepare for coffee overload). 



  1. Amazing photos. you catch a perfectly ethereal feel for certain. Well done. I love your site. Very dreamy indeed.

  2. oh this is beautiful ! and your blog is very lovely !



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