Big Sur Travel Diary

Monday, September 29, 2014

- Big Sur,  9/16/ 2014 -

WAKING UP EARLIER than sunrise is a complete rarity for me, but Big Sur is the kind of place where it's unthinkable not to. Two weeks ago, Emily, founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly (where I interned this summer) invited me to help assist on her photoshoot for 24 hours in Big Sur. I couldn't believe how perfect an opportunity this was, because camping in Big Sur has been on my travel bucket list for years. Being from California and not staying in Big Sur is apparently pretty unbelievable- one night there, and I can now see why...

Our little team (Emily, Charles, Meg, Perry, Jeanine, and myself) fit so much within the course of these 24 hours. Driving down Highway 1, laughing at all the tourists who stopped every five seconds to take photos (then of course, doing the same things moments later ourselves). The cliffs here are so high and so beautiful, the water incredibly clear and fresh, its impossible not to stop and admire the coast. We drove past Bixby Bridge, high into the winding cliffs surrounding Big Creek, where Charles's cabin is hidden atop- you can imagine how unbelievable the views are from here.

There are many incredible moments that weren't even captured on my camera- coming back to the cabin at sunrise to mugs of chai latte and a steaming breakfast, traversing through creeks and hidden nooks in the forest, the most indulgent grilled cheese with jam, and brownies from Big Sur Bakery on the way home. And staring up at the most bright, expansive clusters of stars I've seen in my life at night, where we didn't have wifi- and we only had each other's company, and that moment. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by people who really live -who are so passionate about their fields of academic study, yet who also appreciate art forms like photography and film making. 

What a great little trip it was.  
Now to develop film from my last trip of the summer- Vancouver, Canada!



  1. I love your film photos so so so so much! But you already know that lol



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