Mornings in Boston

Sunday, August 17, 2014

mornings at Charles Mark hotel, Boston

AH... WHAT A LONG TIME it feels like, since I last got to sit here and write away into the am! Well here I am now, feet barely functioning, and mentally worn out (nyc, you wonderfully exhausting city!) but so happy to be home. What can I say about my experience in NYC this second time around...

It was honestly a bit of a blur! Within eleven nights, ten full days, and a train ride to Boston and back, I squeezed so many things into each day. We wandered almost all the little nooks of the city- east village, west village, uptown through downtown, and brooklyn, of course making time for a few coffee stops here and there. Oh right and this one little detail- I randomly met Garance while walking around East Village...see, we're on first name basis now! (Kidding) 

These photos are from a hotel we stayed at in Boston, called the Charles Mark hotel. It wasn't a particularly spectacular hotel, but god, the way this room looked in the morning... I spent over an hour just sitting in one spot, mesmerized by the way the sun was filtering in so softly through the window, like something you would find in a Parisian apartment, you know? It was located right across the beautiful Boston public library, which I found so charming. 

The last night I was in NYC, I met up with Lois, a friend I had only ever talked with via instagram and we ended up being so similar, which led to a second meeting that same night. Just sitting in the tree-lined darkness of Bryant park until around 11 pm with her best friend, looking out at the silhouettes of park lamps and late-night walkers, sharing stories and talking, enjoying the gentle breeze. Over all else, moments like that were my favorite... It just strikes me time and time again how much trust you put into someone through their photos and words- and hope it turns out for the best. Most often times, it does. Maybe there's no better feeling than being in the middle of such an intensely packed city, and finding connections and feeling like a part of it, not like an outside traveler. 

Here is something I will say about NYC that maybe not enough people do- as perfect as it seems from the outside, it's not- not even close. There were many times when I felt smothered- frantic in the subway trying to figure out how to get somewhere by myself, when there were so many fumes that every time I held my breath, I only inhaled more smoke/exhaust a second later, when there were too many people, but no one available to ask for directions. Not something you'll ever see in the idyllic world of cafes and cortados on instagram. Despite this, NYC truly is such an incredible city, and I love it with every part of me. I love its pulse, its relentless drive. Like every big city, it's full of highs and lows- the 5th ave windows and 9/11 memorial, so many different people, such vibrant, endless energy- it has a lot of soul. And that's the beauty of it. 

I have so many more photos to share with you- too many really! I think I'll compile it into a city guide, or a "day in NYC" type post soon enough, so be patient with me as I sift through the week. 

Have a lovely week! More soon.



  1. These photos are simply stunning. The light, the shadows... Eveything's just perfect! I'm so glad you had such a great time. Can't wait to see the NY shots!


  2. Hi, June! I stumbled upon your blog through this post and I must say you take such beautiful photos. I love the light, airy essence of the second photo. This entire post is simply charming. I can't wait to read more of your blog!

    Smile a little at my blog here :]



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