Friday pairings: une film camera

Friday, August 1, 2014

- image 1 here, image 2 by Michelle -

JE PEUX VOUS prendre en photo? Another pairing for a Friday- it's very similar to this one, actually I think it's the femme version. How lovely that flora works for both a male and female subject. This time, the one in the photo happens to be me! We shot this with a few images in mind- one was of course Freja Beha Erickson's Zara vid circa A/W 2012. Audrey in black and white film, always. And I guess just trying to capture the feeling of staying indoors on a foggy, hazy afternoon, and taking photos all day long. Just talking and doing nothing, really.

What else is on my mind? I've fallen in love with Arcade fire all over again! Reflektor, Sprawl II, The Suburbs... And "Afterlife" is the song I want to wake up to every morning as I pull the covers off in one sweeping motion, and jump out of bed (as if). Also the fact that it's featured in Her, (which I simultaneously watched, loved, and cried through this week) re-solidifies my obsession.

Finally... here's my last bit of exciting news (really, my only news). Early next week, after my birthday this Saturday- how did one year pass so quickly?! - I'm heading back to one of my favorite cities in the world, NYC! This means that in addition to packing for 80 degree sunshine instead of rain boots and heavy coats like we did this past March, I need to restock my film camera- dust it off, and get ready to shoot. Another note- I'm going with my family instead of friends this time.. so that alone makes this experience completely different already. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to do my own thing and meet up with some friends for at least half the time though...

Have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Can you believe I have that same picture on my moodboard? Also, really liked your photo :) . And ohhh, NYC, I'm very sad that I won't be there :((( Hope you have lots of fun xx

  2. Ahh so jealous that you're going to NYC! Can't wait to see photos xx

  3. Have soooo much fun in NYC…that's where I'm from originally. It's the best!


  4. afterlife is my favorite too! everything about it, the lyrics, the melody... ahhh. it's too beautiful.



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