For the love of: writing letters

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CUPS OF COFFEE + letter writing + endless summer playlist - sounds like my ideal morning. This is a photo I took behind the scenes at my internship, Apartment34's shoot a few weeks ago! The idea here, was to create a kind of "ode to the art of writing letters", something that we hardly seem make time for anymore. Of course, being a total nostalgic, I love the idea of writing letters to others- I would gladly turn off my phone for a week if it meant re-capturing the anticipation of finding a letter in the mail. I was so happy to create the moodboard, and help conceptualize and style the shoot- we had a great time! 

Check the full shoot out here, and if you see an arm clad in black wristwatch- that's probably me;)

P.S: Next post- everything NYC. 




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