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Friday, August 22, 2014

- a few memorabilia collected in NYC -

1) Muji striped socks and notebooks... Ah Muji. I never walk out from this store with empty hands. At this point, I've been to the one in Tokyo, in LA, even here in SF every time I need (want) to buy a few new basics. Each time I'm just as enamored. 

2) Ticket Stub from the Met. It's truly one of my favorite museums in the world. Walking in through the glass doors, and staring up to the textured gold dome while standing in the huge entrance way- it leaves you a little breathless. The Egyptian room is by far the most incredible to me. Its slanted glass walls reflect in the indoor pond, and green palms line the white vastness... you just want to sit here for hours, drawing, reading, thinking about nothing. Its one of my favorite places in all of NYC, actually. 

3) Granola bars from Grand Cafe Lafayette. Makes me nostalgic for mornings in the city...

4) Postcard from Cafe Collette in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Had the best shrimp tacos of my life here!

5) Oxfords from Zara. Ah, I can't even describe how long I've been searching for a good pair of summer oxfords. I love how slim fitting and menswear- inspired these are. Not to mention, they seriously weigh close to nothing! Perfect for taking the city by foot.

Many thanks to Victor for adding his lettering above! 




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