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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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RECALL THAT SUMMER film list I created a while back? I've actually finished almost all of those titles- so this weekend it was onto uncharted Netflix territory. I have to admit, the film title "Sex of the Angels" didn't sound very appealing to me. The cover art actually slightly repelled me. But Astrid Berges-Frisbey is pretty high up on my girl crush list, so I thought- why not give it a chance? 

And this Spanish film turned out to be beautiful. Seductive, effortlessly moody, like another version of The Dreamers ... meets The Weekend (Ok... didn't make that one to the end). It wasn't a perfect movie by any means- it felt draining and repetitive at many points. But certain moments in between the dramatic tears were just lovely, in a youthfully reckless, exhilarating kind of way. Astrid plays Carla, a photographer working at a small, up and coming magazine (bonus points), who gets caught in a twisted love triangle with her boyfriend Bruno, and his love interest, Rai. 

There's a scene where Carla wakes up one morning, and with white light streaming in, and a Nikon film camera in hand, she takes photo after photo of her sleeping boyfriend. After witnessing everything they've gone through together, it's such a perfectly intimate feeling. And the quote above (a conversation Carla and Rai had while walking the streets of Spain together) was probably my favorite scene from the whole movie. I had to replay the scene about five times to get the words right, it was rather mesmerizing. It's a sinful beauty, a breathtaking kind of natural high. There's nothing perfect about it, but it's so true, and so captivating. The best kind of romance, no?  

Have you seen this film, or any that make you feel this way? Let me know! 



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