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Saturday, June 21, 2014

-white roses at dusk on my college campus-

FINALLY IT'S FRIDAY! Today, I want to share with you a photo I took on a whim the other day.
 It was around six pm, and I noticed the way the lighting illuminated the petals and leaves, its darkly beautiful contrast. The fuzzy phone quality doesn't bother
me this time- it reminds me of film actually. Lately, I've been inspired not only by white/cream colored roses, but framing them in dreamy, surrealistic ways. 
I flipped this photo upside down, and found that I liked the gradient effect of the green leaves near the bottom. Something about it just really struck me.

Supposedly, yellow roses equate friendship, red, romance, and white, purity. 
Or something. I've always found white roses more elegant, and red more classic. Does anyone actually receive yellow roses? Maybe...

But the rose is only as beautiful as the sharp thorns it's attached to, I think. 


A few updates & things to look out for: 


- Interning:
 I just started my internship in SF with lifestyle blogger, Apartment 34 this past week! I've met most of the team members, and each one of them is incredibly ambitious. It's great to be around such creative energy. I can tell this is going to challenge me in a more professional realm, and I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'll update you more soon!

 - Culture:
I'm slowly watching my through through the ever-growing list of films (crossed The Great Beauty off the list, which was just incredible, and tonight, we'll watch The Fault in our Stars. Friends nearby, and tissues ready. I also need to start reading again before my summer brain turns to mush... possibly Murakami's Samsa in Love? Or East of Eden by Steinbeck, maybe.   

- Collabs
Since I have more free time, I'm planning some shoots with Michelle now, particularly cafe's and dessert-y goodness, and some outdoor exploring with Win. I still need to share with you the amazing photos I took with Melissa, Esther, Abagail, Kaity, and quite a few other inspiring people I met in LA this year!
And finally, the playlist collab Victor and I have been meaning to make is in the very, very near future! Phew...

- Travel:
Last but certainly not least... Travel plans. I don't start school until October! That means I have almost four months of time. Which means that traveling is not an option, it's an absolute!! I'm already going to the East Coast again in August, but I really need to start figuring the after part out. So far, I'm thinking about Canada. Or South East Asia perhaps? Is that too ambitious?

A lot is going on on my end, but I'm excited and ready!


Hope you have a lovely weekend.



  1. That is such a strong list!! Can't wait to see the photos you took with the girls. And yes, we need to get the playlists ready haha.



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