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Saturday, June 28, 2014

1. Still Life with Matcha and quiche
2. Whisps
3. Fog over Mount Davidson
4. Flora and thorns in the morning

HERE IS THE city I know and love. Mornings with a heavy, dewy fog that lines the treetops and hangs around the crevices of quiet streets.
It's a cold but familiar mist that envelops you from afar, and as you cozy up with blankets and quality reading from inside, it's perhaps your 
most welcome companion. 

Not your typical summer scene right? Well it is here in San Francisco... maybe that's where my underlying infatuation with "moody" photos 
stems, who knows. 

- photos via my instagram -


Today, I want to share with you something that's been on my mind for a while now. With all the inspiration, all the things you could possibly 
share with the world through photos, writing, creative content, and collaborations, how do you maintain your own individual voice,  how do 
you stay true to yourself? 

I started two internships this past week- one a lifestyle blog, and the second a travel quarterly, both of which are completely different from
 each other, and even rather different from my personal aesthetic. And there's nothing wrong with this.  If anything, working with these two 
talented companies has made me more conscious of what I admire and look for creatively.   

I'm learning everyday, that I don't need to take photos of everything, everywhere. Only the things that really make me react, make me feel 
something. The world doesn't need just another cafe shot. What about the cafe, or the mountain scape makes you stop scrolling and stare? 
Maybe the conversations you had over your lattes, maybe the way the light caught the corner of the shop... More and more, the shots that 
inspire me are the ones that illicit a reaction rather than looking perfect arranged.

I think it's very easy to give people small pieces of you, but very hard to find people who actually embody your sentiment, and the way 
you view the world. I think that's the success that magazines like cereal mag have found- love or hate their minimalism, they've gained
 a huge following because they've remained genuine to their one strong, shared vision.... And these are my thoughts on a Saturday night!

What do you think about this? I'd love to know.



  1. Oftentimes, people fail to see and feel the beauty around them, until you tell them what to look for. . . and that's just step one.

  2. I'm totally with you on this one. Sometimes it feels a bit pointless how we strive for a certain level of perfection when it comes to Instagram photos. I personally love photos that revolves around the everyday life of people, like bringing out the unseen beauty in the ordinary. Those always keep me grounded.

  3. yup! not kind of summer that popular in TV.. like beach, skin showing, and vibrant colors. However it's the same here in Jakarta, it rains and chill up the temperature, and I prefer this situation than the hot-summer typical.

    Capturing Reves



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