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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 -image 1 via my little fabric,  image 2 via pinterest-

AESOP... where to even begin! I'm not usually one to rave about beauty products, especially ones that I've never actually... tried... but this company's understanding of good design physically leaves me short of breath. I mean, just look at it. Their store interiors (the one above is their London location) are just as intricately thought out as their fragrances. I love the way they use natural wood against a laboratory setting, its a form of minimalism that works very effectively without coming across as sterile. 

I've heard nothing but good things about this Melbourne-originated skin care line since last year, and based on the attention they give to the smallest details, its easy to see why. When I saw this illustration by French blogger mylittlefabric... well let's just say it would be a sin to deprive myself any longer.

The product above is Aesop's "resurrection aromatique hand balm". Beautiful packaging, and the lotion itself looks really high quality. I was also attracted to their Marrakech perfume which they call "the most pure and potent of this haunting, woody fragrance". It has notes of clove, sandalwood, and cardamom. And it's for both women and men, which makes it extra-appealing in my book.

This is starting to sound like a sponsored post, so I should probably stop now and just head over to their store. 

Any products you feel this magnetized by?



  1. I've always felt magnetized by Aesop products. The package, the minimalism and the essence of the brand is on point.

  2. Would love to try this brand but sadly we don't have it here in Indonesia! :(


  3. Looks great :D




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