inspiration: Man about Town

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


New York State of Mind
Man About Town | fall/ winter 2013
feat. Matthew Bell 
photographed by Lachlan Bailey 

I'VE ALWAYS had a rather magnetic affinity towards menswear. I mean, leave me in any topshop and I will inevitably end up lost in the isles of topman, brushing my fingers over the soft cable knits and tweed sportcoats (yes, these were the winter months in NYC). 

After viewing Jacob Hashimoto's incredible Gas Giant exhibit at the MOCA last weekend with Michelle, we ended up browsing the museum shelves for art magazines as usual, and it was here that I found the most beautiful editorial I've laid eyes upon in ages!

 I love how soft the light is, how the grain of the film creates a hazy layer, even with a black and white contrast. Sometimes, I 'm amazed at how much grace I find in male subjects. It's a certain kind of strong, yet youthful beauty that I don't completely see in female models, or perhaps just exists in a different way. It's strong cheekbones and red lips, white shirts, and cigarette smoke. It's effortless innocence, sensual androgy, and bare feet, bare skin, careless and free on New York city fire escapes.

P.s if you're not going on a google image spree of Matthew Bell after this, you're crazy. 



  1. Perfection!! I need to order that mag asap

  2. Wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  3. you're right about the lighting- it's gorgeous. I'm the same way with mens clothes. Given the choice I would always rather shop mens than women's. So much more comfortable, and also more my style most of the time.



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