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Saturday, June 28, 2014

1. Still Life with Matcha and quiche
2. Whisps
3. Fog over Mount Davidson
4. Flora and thorns in the morning

HERE IS THE city I know and love. Mornings with a heavy, dewy fog that lines the treetops and hangs around the crevices of quiet streets.
It's a cold but familiar mist that envelops you from afar, and as you cozy up with blankets and quality reading from inside, it's perhaps your 
most welcome companion. 

Not your typical summer scene right? Well it is here in San Francisco... maybe that's where my underlying infatuation with "moody" photos 
stems, who knows. 

- photos via my instagram -


Today, I want to share with you something that's been on my mind for a while now. With all the inspiration, all the things you could possibly 
share with the world through photos, writing, creative content, and collaborations, how do you maintain your own individual voice,  how do 
you stay true to yourself? 

I started two internships this past week- one a lifestyle blog, and the second a travel quarterly, both of which are completely different from
 each other, and even rather different from my personal aesthetic. And there's nothing wrong with this.  If anything, working with these two 
talented companies has made me more conscious of what I admire and look for creatively.   

I'm learning everyday, that I don't need to take photos of everything, everywhere. Only the things that really make me react, make me feel 
something. The world doesn't need just another cafe shot. What about the cafe, or the mountain scape makes you stop scrolling and stare? 
Maybe the conversations you had over your lattes, maybe the way the light caught the corner of the shop... More and more, the shots that 
inspire me are the ones that illicit a reaction rather than looking perfect arranged.

I think it's very easy to give people small pieces of you, but very hard to find people who actually embody your sentiment, and the way 
you view the world. I think that's the success that magazines like cereal mag have found- love or hate their minimalism, they've gained
 a huge following because they've remained genuine to their one strong, shared vision.... And these are my thoughts on a Saturday night!

What do you think about this? I'd love to know.


easy breezy

Thursday, June 26, 2014

-Easy Breezy by WSJ magazine, July/August 2014-

SO... I KNOW what you're thinking. Where are all these posts coming from, and what happened to the girl who only posts 
sporadically, three, maybe four times on a good month? I'm sure you're having trouble keeping up with me, even I can't keep up with me! 

Well it's summer break for me now, and I also happen to be more inspired than usual...

This is an editorial that was featured on The Wall Street Journal and I just... I love everything about it. The dreamy purple hues, 
the white sand below a free flowing dress, so effortless and full of ease. 

 And just the right amount of edge. Takes my breath away! 

Hope the rest of your week is lovely!


let's talk ... aesop

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 -image 1 via my little fabric,  image 2 via pinterest-

AESOP... where to even begin! I'm not usually one to rave about beauty products, especially ones that I've never actually... tried... but this company's understanding of good design physically leaves me short of breath. I mean, just look at it. Their store interiors (the one above is their London location) are just as intricately thought out as their fragrances. I love the way they use natural wood against a laboratory setting, its a form of minimalism that works very effectively without coming across as sterile. 

I've heard nothing but good things about this Melbourne-originated skin care line since last year, and based on the attention they give to the smallest details, its easy to see why. When I saw this illustration by French blogger mylittlefabric... well let's just say it would be a sin to deprive myself any longer.

The product above is Aesop's "resurrection aromatique hand balm". Beautiful packaging, and the lotion itself looks really high quality. I was also attracted to their Marrakech perfume which they call "the most pure and potent of this haunting, woody fragrance". It has notes of clove, sandalwood, and cardamom. And it's for both women and men, which makes it extra-appealing in my book.

This is starting to sound like a sponsored post, so I should probably stop now and just head over to their store. 

Any products you feel this magnetized by?


a poem

Monday, June 23, 2014


You asked me
if I only wrote poems
for the people I love.
I said,
I’ve written poems
about you,
my best friend,
the stranger on the bus,
my mother,
the movie theatre
employee I had a crush on
two years ago,
I’ve written poems
about everyone,
so yes,
I guess you could say
I only write
about those
that I love.

The Point of This Poem Is That I Love Too Much | Lora Mathis 
(via lora-mathis

white roses + updates

Saturday, June 21, 2014

-white roses at dusk on my college campus-

FINALLY IT'S FRIDAY! Today, I want to share with you a photo I took on a whim the other day.
 It was around six pm, and I noticed the way the lighting illuminated the petals and leaves, its darkly beautiful contrast. The fuzzy phone quality doesn't bother
me this time- it reminds me of film actually. Lately, I've been inspired not only by white/cream colored roses, but framing them in dreamy, surrealistic ways. 
I flipped this photo upside down, and found that I liked the gradient effect of the green leaves near the bottom. Something about it just really struck me.

Supposedly, yellow roses equate friendship, red, romance, and white, purity. 
Or something. I've always found white roses more elegant, and red more classic. Does anyone actually receive yellow roses? Maybe...

But the rose is only as beautiful as the sharp thorns it's attached to, I think. 


A few updates & things to look out for: 


- Interning:
 I just started my internship in SF with lifestyle blogger, Apartment 34 this past week! I've met most of the team members, and each one of them is incredibly ambitious. It's great to be around such creative energy. I can tell this is going to challenge me in a more professional realm, and I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'll update you more soon!

 - Culture:
I'm slowly watching my through through the ever-growing list of films (crossed The Great Beauty off the list, which was just incredible, and tonight, we'll watch The Fault in our Stars. Friends nearby, and tissues ready. I also need to start reading again before my summer brain turns to mush... possibly Murakami's Samsa in Love? Or East of Eden by Steinbeck, maybe.   

- Collabs
Since I have more free time, I'm planning some shoots with Michelle now, particularly cafe's and dessert-y goodness, and some outdoor exploring with Win. I still need to share with you the amazing photos I took with Melissa, Esther, Abagail, Kaity, and quite a few other inspiring people I met in LA this year!
And finally, the playlist collab Victor and I have been meaning to make is in the very, very near future! Phew...

- Travel:
Last but certainly not least... Travel plans. I don't start school until October! That means I have almost four months of time. Which means that traveling is not an option, it's an absolute!! I'm already going to the East Coast again in August, but I really need to start figuring the after part out. So far, I'm thinking about Canada. Or South East Asia perhaps? Is that too ambitious?

A lot is going on on my end, but I'm excited and ready!


Hope you have a lovely weekend.


anytime, anywhere

Monday, June 16, 2014

 EARLIER this year, when lying on a ground full of shadows in the middle of campus was perfectly rational, and irrationally calming. 
I'm wearing a lot of staples, or what I consider to be timeless pieces- over-sized men's plaid shirt, black pants, classic stripes, wristwatch as usual. 
And the only baseball cap I'll wear (non-logo!) I'll admit, I have a not-so-secret love affair with stripes and plaid.

I'll leave you today with one of my very favorite songs by AIR, as featured in the Virgin Suicides. When I don't know how to put my feelings 
into words, which seems to happen more often than not lately, I lose myself in this song. 
Do you have any songs like that?

"Playground Love"

I'm a high school lover, and you're my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You're my playground love

Yet my hands are shaking

I feel my body remains, time's no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love.

You're the piece of gold that flashes on my soul.

Extra time, on the ground.
You're my playground love.

Anytime, anywhere,

You're my playground love.


pairings : noir

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A LITTLE INSPIRATION for your Friday morning! 
These are two favorite photos that I found on pinterest recently (that website will be the death of me... and my college career.) I added that little french phrase, because for some reason I love the way "beau garcon" sounds. Beautiful man. So, I can't believe it. I'm ALMOST done with school!!! It feels surreal that I only have a few days left of my first year of university, and that I only have one more year here in LA. I intend to make it one hell of a year, but enough talk of school, for now only summer is on my mind! Among a truly frightening amount of things I am trying to achieve this summer, at the top of my list is to watch and re-watch films- noir, classics, foreign, a little bit of everything.

A few films on my list: 

-The Night Porter
-The Royal Tenembaums 
-La plage 
-La piscine 
-Her (i know... i know how have I not seen this yet) 
-Breathe In (for my love, Dustin O'Halloran)
-Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story
-That one John Green movie people have kind of been talking about, heard of it?

These I have seen, but desperately need to re-watch

-Roman Holiday
-Une Femme est Une Femme
- American Beauty

And something else I've been questioning ... watching movies alone or with friends? I love watching movies alone, but I find the thought 
of having no one to share the experience with a little sad at the same time, so I'd usually pick the latter. 
Although certain friends are definitely better for certain movies... How about you?


inspiration: Man about Town

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


New York State of Mind
Man About Town | fall/ winter 2013
feat. Matthew Bell 
photographed by Lachlan Bailey 

I'VE ALWAYS had a rather magnetic affinity towards menswear. I mean, leave me in any topshop and I will inevitably end up lost in the isles of topman, brushing my fingers over the soft cable knits and tweed sportcoats (yes, these were the winter months in NYC). 

After viewing Jacob Hashimoto's incredible Gas Giant exhibit at the MOCA last weekend with Michelle, we ended up browsing the museum shelves for art magazines as usual, and it was here that I found the most beautiful editorial I've laid eyes upon in ages!

 I love how soft the light is, how the grain of the film creates a hazy layer, even with a black and white contrast. Sometimes, I 'm amazed at how much grace I find in male subjects. It's a certain kind of strong, yet youthful beauty that I don't completely see in female models, or perhaps just exists in a different way. It's strong cheekbones and red lips, white shirts, and cigarette smoke. It's effortless innocence, sensual androgy, and bare feet, bare skin, careless and free on New York city fire escapes.

P.s if you're not going on a google image spree of Matthew Bell after this, you're crazy. 


let there be mornings

Sunday, June 1, 2014

SOMETIMES, I find that Los Angeles is most beautiful on overcast, dreary mornings.  
The way the soft light spills onto white bed sheets, and leaves dark grey questions in its shadows. Imprints and questions.

My favorite thing to do on late mornings, (which in reality are all too rare), is slowly, absentmindedly looking through magazines. 
The grainy-er the texture of the paper, the better.

This magazine I'm reading is Union Mag, a Japanese magazine that just might be the epitome of the term 'ethereal' . Every photo is one that I would call "moods" or "moments" or something equally vague but special in my head. 

This photo essay I'm looking at is called:

"Dandelion Flower"

"As I pass by I hear a tiny voice at my feet. It comes from a dandelion. I might have missed it if I hadn't been careful.  
Dandelions always talk about how hard it is to live in such a world. 
I know they are not popular like roses or daisies, but I prefer to live like dandelion flowers."

Have a lovely Sunday


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