Saturday, May 17, 2014

-photo by Felix Lim- 

HARU MEANS SPRING in Japanese, and this year's spring seemed to pass like an instantaneous flit in time. 
March marked the first time I traveled to NYC, but what I will never forget about my short time at home in San Francisco that week was Felix's generosity. 
He took this photo only moments after handing me down his first film camera. Did I talk about this already? If so, never mind, because I can't thank him enough. It's funny, because I was just talking to friends about how inspiring Hideaki Hamada, a well-known Japanese photographer who's shot multiple spreads for Kinfolk is to me. I see the same pure innocence, soft light, and natural beauty in this photo that he captures time and time again. And as much as I've been gravitating towards art that's out of my comfort zone, I'll always have a huge appreciation for moments like these.



  1. Loved your words here. I love moments like those, so inspiring and filled with beauty xx



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