At home with Kinfolk Vol. 8

Saturday, May 24, 2014

EARLY MORNINGS with rose tea petals and my mom's favorite Kinfolk Vol. 8, the Japanese edition.  It's a wonder how I managed to shoot these photos, because these tea leaves with their warm strawberry-vanilla-rose aromas were enough to make me want to drop the camera, and dive straight for the blankets. These photos were taken during my mom's birthday weekend, when I got to visit her for the first time since I left for spring break. 

I don't need a buzzfeed quiz to tell me how painfully addicted a wanderlust I am,  but as much as I crave the rush of travel and exploration, there really is nothing better than coming home to familiarity and being with family sometimes. The late mornings, the smell of fresh black coffee roasting, so much stillness. Soft silence at 10 am, dad's classical jazz music at 10pm... and a plethora of their strange habits, but we won't go into that. Being at home feels so routine,  even a little luxurious after months of college life. I mean, I don't mind Drake filling our shower stalls at 2 am, but girl's gotta have a little peace of mind once in a while.

Thank you for the tea leaves, Shirley!

Have a lovely weekend!



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