At home with Kinfolk Vol. 8

Saturday, May 24, 2014

EARLY MORNINGS with rose tea petals and my mom's favorite Kinfolk Vol. 8, the Japanese edition.  It's a wonder how I managed to shoot these photos, because these tea leaves with their warm strawberry-vanilla-rose aromas were enough to make me want to drop the camera, and dive straight for the blankets. These photos were taken during my mom's birthday weekend, when I got to visit her for the first time since I left for spring break. 

I don't need a buzzfeed quiz to tell me how painfully addicted a wanderlust I am,  but as much as I crave the rush of travel and exploration, there really is nothing better than coming home to familiarity and being with family sometimes. The late mornings, the smell of fresh black coffee roasting, so much stillness. Soft silence at 10 am, dad's classical jazz music at 10pm... and a plethora of their strange habits, but we won't go into that. Being at home feels so routine,  even a little luxurious after months of college life. I mean, I don't mind Drake filling our shower stalls at 2 am, but girl's gotta have a little peace of mind once in a while.

Thank you for the tea leaves, Shirley!

Have a lovely weekend!



Saturday, May 17, 2014

-photo by Felix Lim- 

HARU MEANS SPRING in Japanese, and this year's spring seemed to pass like an instantaneous flit in time. 
March marked the first time I traveled to NYC, but what I will never forget about my short time at home in San Francisco that week was Felix's generosity. 
He took this photo only moments after handing me down his first film camera. Did I talk about this already? If so, never mind, because I can't thank him enough. It's funny, because I was just talking to friends about how inspiring Hideaki Hamada, a well-known Japanese photographer who's shot multiple spreads for Kinfolk is to me. I see the same pure innocence, soft light, and natural beauty in this photo that he captures time and time again. And as much as I've been gravitating towards art that's out of my comfort zone, I'll always have a huge appreciation for moments like these.



Friday, May 9, 2014

THE MORE clutter there is in life, the more I gravitate towards simple cuts, like this cropped powder- blue ribbed sweater, and the classic 
cropped white short sleeved button down, both from American Apparel. That store does basics like none other. 
So I guess this is my everyday go to lately... creases and all! 

Happy Friday! 


inspiration: reference and magic

Saturday, May 3, 2014

-photos via pinterest: 1| 2 -

"He said, 'You know, I really like the whiteness of the shirt. Can you take the jacket off?' 
I flung my jacket over my shoulder, Frank Sinatra style. I was full of references. 
He was full of light and shadow.
'It's back,' he said. 
He took a few more shots. 
'I got it.'
'How do you know?'
'I just know.'
He took twelve pictures that day. 
Within a few days he showed me the contact sheet. 'This one has the magic,' he said. 
When I look at it now, I never see me. I see us" 
                                                                                                                   -patti smith, Just Kids

I JUST FINISHED reading this beautiful, beautiful memoir filled with the intertwined lives of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorp. 
There were so many moments when I felt her child-like curiosity through the pages, when I was taken aback and choked up, over how someone could possibly have gone through these things, moments filled with so much life and so much death. How could one person have contained the magic to write in such a musical, poetic way, over so many ups and downs, so many lives that were short in length, but not in experience. 

And what does it feel like, to love someone that much, to be both each others' artist and muse, to connect on a level incomprehensible to others?

I appreciate how honest Just Kids is, and how the life of an artist includes just as many moments of un-inspired, self-doubt as the strokes of genius it comes with. It's my mission now, to have as many friends borrow my book (with its dog-eared pages and all) and share these stories together.


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