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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"In an endless dream we never wake from
                                        she touches us with her soft, delicate smile."

YOU MIGHT HAVE noticed a little change to my blog... I've officially changed its (his? her?) name from "canvasofculture" to "the etherealist". 
It's an idea that's been brewing for some time now, and unlike the old title, which never felt 100% complete, the etherealist feels right. 

I came up with the name rather spontaneously, while speaking almost everyday to Michelle about our shared love for a raw but graceful kind of beauty, and a certain effortless creation that ranges from androgynous to feminine. She's going to be collaborating a lot on the etherealist with me, so look forward to that! And I came across this stunning video of forever-muse Kiko just the other day, and I couldn't imagine a better post to go along with the introduction of the etherealist. Enjoy!


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