Bluebird Cafe, NYC

Saturday, April 19, 2014

-bluebird coffee, nyc-

SUNDAY MORNINGS were made for soft light streaming through windows, worn, rustic tables and the sound of sleepy silence (unless you're my dorm mates and still listen to Holy Grail 24 hours a day). More importantly, however, Sunday mornings were made for brunch. I took this photo on our very first day in NYC. We were tired, but completely exhilarated, full of eager anticipation to explore the city.

We stepped into Bluebird Cafe that morning, escaping blistering cold winds outside (no one told us it snowed in March in NYC), and were met with whiffs of cinnamon toast, and surrounded by the warm aroma of freshly roasting coffee. We opted for macchiatos over cortados, and possibly the best cinnamon toast swirl with a side of berry jam and almond butter. Consumed to the last crumb as you can see! It's funny how such a small moment from our grand scheme of travel in NYC turned out to be one of my favorite memories from the city.



  1. Sounds incredibly good. Just added that place to the NYC list ;)

  2. Lovely photo! Good luck in your endeavors in the ever devious NYC, and although it's easy to get overwhelmed by great things, but always enjoy the little things (but after reading your caption, it looks as though you're already in the right track.) xx



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