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Monday, March 24, 2014

 photos I-III by Nino Panes @senaponin
photo IV by Kevin Mao @k_mao

HOW LUCKY I am to have met such wonderful new photographers and friends this weekend! 
And really in such spontaneous, unexpected acts of generosity. From Nino, who introduced me to the group, to Kevin, Stephanie, Irene, Carina, 
and quite a few more lovely souls I connected with, each bring a genuine enthusiasm for life that we not only shared, but inspired each other through, I think.
Sometimes I forget how effortless it feels to mesh so seamlessly with a group of people, but its moments like these when I feel so grateful to experience my city through a new set of eyes. Or rather five.

I haven't had much time to sit down and edit my own photos yet, as tomorrow morning Michelle and I are off to New York for donuts, overpriced coffee & brownstone adventures. Although I sat basking in the sun like Fat Louie the cat while the guys took these photos, I had fun adding graphics and arranging the sensitive words and reflections that all but spilled out of Nino.

When I return, I'm dedicating an entire day to sifting through my photos, and reliving each moment!



  1. I seriously love this. This is probably your best post ever, like seriously. I think I've been staring at this for like fifteen minutes; it somehow put me in a trance. I just love this! Do you mind if I use the same layout for a future blog post? I Just can't get enough of this - the pictures, the effects, the text, everything! Glad you have a new set of friends that you click with, don't you just feel relieved and so happy? Have fun in New York xx


  2. Such pretty photo's. Love the light in every one of them!


  3. i seriously love these sets of photos. by far, my favorite would be the last one.

    a small bit



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