The Apartment

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

-photos by Michelle and me-

TAKING PHOTOS IN Michelle's apartment was our new found favorite hobby this past quarter. 
How many times did I plan to stay for an hour max, and end up staying an extra eight?

Once we met, and proceeded to figure out fairly quickly that our minds crave the same conceptual ideas and feminine-masculine 
aesthetics, the shift from our desire to create, to actually creating took place.
I can't wait to share our most recent shoot... hello shadows & flowery light, architecture, and gasp- the great outdoors!

But this photo-shoot is one of the first ones that started it all this past winter. Just two kids in a minimal apartment with a little time and an idea in mind.

We've included our favorite essentials: 
her platforms, my boots and oxfords
her coat hanger, my oversized zara coat
her plants and chair, my arm acting as a hook for my satchel. 
And of course, the framed Audrey that my dad gifted me! 
She would steal the spotlight... 




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