Friday, March 7, 2014

MORNING LIGHT. Black men's watch, permanently frozen at 1:40. Stillness. 
Midnight phone conversations on windy rooftops. Staring out large windows, laughter in the hallway.
Empty notebooks. Longing. When awareness isn't enough. 
Pear hot cocoa and nutella croissants and madness. 
Becoming un-empty. 

And above, a few essentials to get through finals week! When you have 0.5 seconds to grab your whole life and get out the door for 
9am discussion, reach for the Muji notebooks (so. good), your staple accessory, and that one Madewell top that can
 do no wrong.


  1. love the top and yes binded notebooks are an on the go essential! I request for more poetry please! more more more!



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